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Small Studio : we built a home

Created in 2015 as a label of Mac Guff Ligne, Small is a Paris-based creative studio, that builds on 30 years of experience in VFX for fiction, documentary, and animation features. Its team leverages this knowledge with the technology from the games industry to create new immersive experiences.

With a flexible and reactive structure, Mac Guff has been one of the world’s leading studios for special effects for many years now, providing a global solution to best meet even the most creative clients’ needs, in the fields of advertising, narrative and immersive projects.

Since its creation, Small has post-produced many advertising projects, both traditional or in VR, images from actual shoots, full 3D, monoscopic or stereoscopic (depth perception). The love of a great image, coupled with top-notch expertise ensure that every project will live up to the director’s creativity and client specifications. At the forefront of technology, our team will provide you with all the resources and talent necessary for the success of your film.

For the last 4 years, Small has also been co-producing and post-producing several VR experiences such as ​Ayahuasca: Kosmic Journey​ and ​7 lives​ from director Jan Kounen (selected in many festivals around the world). We also worked on 3 of the 7 experiences for Arte Trips​, ​The Wedding at Cana​from Veronese, ​A Bar at the Folies-Bergeres​ from Manet, The Dream​ from Rousseau and ​-22,7°C ​from French electronic musician and producer Molecule. Last year, we post produced the ​SLRX​ Experience for the Futuroscope in France. It is regarded as the world’s most popular VR experience with 1,2 million users per year. It mixes the VR experience with 4DX effects in a theatre with 108 dynamic seats. The user experiences a ride as co-pilot to renowned rally driver Sebastien Loeb.

We continue to post produce commercials and aim to push our clients to develop new ways to communicate on their brand, including several luxury brands such as Chanel, Boucheron, Vuitton, Chopard, but also for Peugeot, Mercedes, Renault and DS. Over the last 4 years, we’ve collaborated with several agencies and production houses on more than 50 commercials and video clips.

Small mainly focuses on new technology as a laboratory. We strive to develop content, search for new narrative experiences and ways to implement them on VFX workflows that we’ve mastered for years. We aim to produce and post-produce in a different way.


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