Small Creative

A laboratory dedicated to new technologies

Small Creative aims to be a laboratory dedicated to new technologies that designs, develops and produces the narrative and immersive projects produced by Small by Mac Guff, in an agile and technologically-agnostic manner (AR / VR / MR / immersive installations / interactive video mapping / holograms / immersive theater…).

A team of about twenty people who strive to develop and produce ambitious content, to offer new narrative experiences and the means to implement them in an efficient workflow, using tools and technologies they have mastered for many years.

Over the past 4 years, the team has co-produced and post-produced several high-quality virtual reality experiences, such as Ayahuasca: Kosmik Journey and 7 Lives by director Jan Kounen (selected at numerous festivals around the world ). Small also worked on 3 of the 7 experiences in the VR collection for Arte Trips: Les noces de Cana by VéronèseUn Bar aux Folies Bergères by Manet and Les Rêves du Douanier Rousseau, as well as  22,7°C, by musician Molécule. In 2018, the studio carried out the SLRX Experience virtual reality experience for the Poitiers Futuroscope, considered to be the most popular VR experience in the world with 1.2 million users per year. Mixing virtual reality and 4DX effects, the user experiences a race as co-driver to the famous rally driver, Sébastien Loeb, installed in a movie theater equipped with 108 dynamic seats.

Small Creative is based in Paris 10, with team members in 3 locations between Paris and Brussels, and is always looking for international partners, with the aim of developing virtuous and impactful collaborations.


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