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Our expertise is to combine our knowledge of the video game industry and post-production technologies to create new experiences in the field of immersive content, conceived in a technology agnostic way.

Our fields of expertise are AR, VR, MR, immersive installations, museum experiences, interactive video mapping, holograms and augmented shows, immersive theater, artificial intelligence... and sometimes our projects fall under several of these fields.

Our mission is to develop and produce ambitious content, by imagining and proposing ways to implement them in a production chain, whose tools and technologies have been mastered by our company for many years, as well as distribution strategies and exploitation models proven through our respective experiences.

With these new projects initiated under the Small Creative label, we develop artistic, technological and financial engineering and are involved at every stage to optimize the entire production and distribution chain.

To carry out these projects, the Small Creative team relies on the Small by Mac Guff studio, Mac Guff Ligne's R&D label, which produces and post-produces original projects and immersive content.

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Small by Mac Guff was created in 2015 as a label of Mac Guff Ligne, Small is a Paris-based creative studio, that builds on 30 years of experience in VFX for fiction, documentary, and animation features. Its team leverages this knowledge with the technology from the games industry to create new immersive experiences.

Since its creation, Small has post-produced many advertising projects, both traditional or in VR, images from actual shoots, full 3D, monoscopic or stereoscopic (depth perception). The love of a great image, coupled with top-notch expertise ensure that every project will live up to the director's creativity and client specifications.

At the forefront of technology, our team will provide you with all the resources and talent necessary for the success of your film.

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Small Creative was created by Vincent Guttmann , studio manager of Small by Mac Guff, Voyelle Acker, former head of "Nouvelles écritures" at France Télévisions and Jean Dellac (creative techologist) and aims to be a laboratory dedicated to new technologies that designs, develops and produces the narrative and immersive projects produced by the Small by Mac Guff, in an agile and technologically-agnostic manner (AR / VR / MR / immersive installations / interactive video mapping / holograms / immersive theater...).

A team of about twenty people who strive to develop and produce ambitious content, to offer new narrative experiences and the means to implement them in an efficient workflow, using tools and technologies they have mastered for many years.


Vincent Guttmann

Vincent Guttmann

Producer & Studio Manager

Voyelle Acker

Voyelle Acker


Jean Dellac

Jean Dellac

XR Creative Technologist


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