bear my soul is a collective and interactive VR installation, inspired by an animist myth, for a group of 2 to 6 participants simultaneously (minimum 50m2 space required).

"All living beings - plants, animals, and humans - share a common soul and are part of a whole. At night, we release our spirits from our physical envelopes, and we can have a dialogue; everything becomes possible again.”

In a spiritual dimension, the participants accompany a faceless creature in search of its identity. By interacting with it and the beings of the forest, they will help the creature transform and experience their own metamorphosis.

FormatSmall Stories (LBVR)
GenreInteractive and sensory fiction
Duration20 min
LanguageFrançais, Anglais
ProductionSmall Creative

Further information:

Institut Français


Written by
Joséphine Derobe & Claire Allante

Joséphine Derobe

Artistic Direction
Claire Allante

Creative technologist
Jean Dellac

Sound design
Côme Jalibert

Voyelle Acker et Vincent Guttmann

**With the financial support of **
CNC (Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée, Paris, le département de la charente, Nouvelle Aquitaine region, Pôle Image Magelis Angoulême, Martell Foundation, the Atelier Grand Nord, CentQuatre, the international biennale of digital art of Île-de-France némo region, Courant 3D festival, Agence culturelle de la Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine