Call Me Calamity takes spectators to the heart of the American myth and makes them discover the birth of the first female figure of the West.

A legendary figure in the myth of the conquest of the West, the experience Call me Calamity has taken the challenge of telling the origins of the legend of Calamity Jane.

Abandoned on the plains by her father at the age of 13, young Martha Jane has to use her storytelling skills to survive and take care of her siblings.

Participants accompany Martha Jane Canary on her adventures, eventually seeing her transformed into Calamity Jane.

This fantastically theatrical character is reborn from the ashes thanks to technology.

**The technical specifications and virtual reality give the actress the tools to put herself in the shoes of Calamity Jane and interact with the audience. **As she tells her story, virtual reality allows her to change virtual environments, and put on new costumes with the snap of a finger. 

_Call Me Calamity _is a collective VR experience for a group of 2 to 15 participants simultaneously (60m2 space minimum needed).

FormatSmall Stories (LBVR)
GenreImmersive theatre
Duration30 min
LanguageFrançais, Anglais, Italien
ProductionSmall Creative, Tamanoir Immersive Studios

Further information:

Institut francais


Author and Creative director
Samuel Lepoil

Voyelle Acker (Small Creative), Vincent Guttmann (Small Creative), Rémi Large (Tamanoir immersive studios)

Artistic direction
Claire Allante

Sound design
Antoine Wert, Alexandre Bobe

Naïs El Fassi, Claire Saumande Karageuzian

With the support
CNC (Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animée)
La marie de Paris

Le grenier à sel, La Manufacture, Le festival d'Avignon, La french tech, Maddyness, Dark Euphoria, SVSN, Real-in, CCI-Vaucluse, Cannes XR (Médias)