1926. Weakened by age and feeling death coming, Gaudí invites his new disciples to visit his studio to understand his vision and complete his work...

Slipping into the costume of a disciple and guided by the voice of Gaudí himself, the user will be immersed in the architect’s extraordinary personality, his revolutionary working method and his abundant universe. With one objective, to understand Gaudi in order to take over and finish, when the time comes, the monument to which he dedicated his life: the Sagrada Familia.

Gaudí, the Atelier of the Divine wants to take the user into the mind of the famous architect: the exceptional reconstruction of the workshop, which disappeared in 1926, will first of all be an opportunity to create a narrative path into the unique psyche of the Catalan master.

Gaudí, the Atelier of the Divine is a collective VR experience for a group of 6 participants simultaneously (50m2 or 6x8m2 space minimun needed)

FormatSmall Stories (LBVR)
GenreImmersive docu-fiction fiction
Duration16 min
LanguageFrançais, Anglais, Espagnol
ProductionSmall Creative, GEDEON programmes

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Institut Français


Stéphane Landowski et Gaël Cabouat

Stéphane Landowski et Gaël Cabouat

Artistic direction
Claire Allante

Music by
Mathieu Lamboley 

Voices over
Onboarding - Kitty Lyddon
Gaudi - Laurent Martein

GEDEON Programmes
Production team
President, Executive Producer - Stéphane Millière
Line Producer - Agnès Garaudel
Development Manager - Alizé Lecuivre
Production Manager - Diane Riethof

Legal Director - Fabienne Renoux 
Legal Officer - Margaux Herreman
Production Administrator - Aline Gripon
Chief Accountant - Jeanne Ngon Mayoh

Production team
Studio Director - Vincent Guttmann
Producer - Voyelle Acker
Production Assistant - Léo Tavares

Creative team
Creative Technologist - Jean Dellac
Project Manager - Noëlie Delesse
Technical Artist - Laura Lassus-Pigat
3D Artists - Clément David, Axel Mounier, Lorenzo Luis
Lead Dev - Julien Balestrieri
Dev - Alexis Parent
Prototype - Victor Soulié, Aurore Bordes, Jonathan Tcheucheumi

Technical team
 IT - Vincent Champsiaux, Stéphane Erguine
Accounting - Loetitia Villeneuve

3D scientific reconstruction of Gaudi's atelier
Hubert Naudeix
Marlène Faure

Recording and mixing
YAP Studio

3D sound integration
Blanktone Studio
Co-founder, Project Manager - Laurent Vang 
Co-founder, Mixing - David Escudero 
Sound designer, Integration - Valentin Petiteau

Music credits
Gaumont Télévision - France Télévision Distribution - Futurikon - Films d’ici  - GDSON

Script translation
Doreen Dugelay

Special thanks
Hot Docs

Images of the basilica
© FOUNDATION Junta Constructora del Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família

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