Plunged into the fantastic universe of the Tree of Life, you are surrounded by the spirits of the grandmothers who designate you to guide Grandma Lou in her last journey.
When her granddaughter Charlotte gives birth in a Tokyo maternity hospital, she has a stroke in her home in France. The firemen take her to the hospital and she finds herself trapped between life and death...
Through your enlightened presence at her side, you reawaken buried memories to help her to peacefully retire.

Mamie Lou is an interactive virtual reality story that invites the viewer to take the place of a spirit accompanying a grandmother in her last moments.
Gifted with glowing hands and a luminous halo, you will provide comfort to the main character through medical struggles and help her revisit her past to make this final journey a wonderful experience.

FormatVirtual Reality (VR)
GenreInteractive family fiction
Duration25 - 30 min
LanguageFrançais, Anglais
ProductionSmall Creative, Skill Lab, Zeilt, France Télévisions
MIFA PITCHES WINNER / ANNECY (France), 2020 award logo
WORK IN PROGRESS / ANNECY (France), 2022 award logo
Sélection présentation Venice Gap-Financing Market / Biennale Venise (Italy), 2022 award logo


Writing and directing
Isabelle Andreani

Artistic direction
Romane Poch and Ghislain Pariset

Voyelle Acker and Vincent Guttmann

Julien Becker and Gwenael François

With the financial support of
La mairie de Paris, CNC (Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animée), Pictanovo, Région Nouvelle - Aquitaine