The dancing plague is a experience inspired by a sadly famous event : the Dancing Plague of 1518.

Inside a dome, the public will discover the story of Enneline, the first woman to succumb to this pandemic.

Combining theater and dance, this experience invites you to follow the momentum of the plague victims, a testimony of the distress of a population facing great poverty and rigid authorities.

Using live performance and cinema, the experience becomes a real playground for the spectators, asked to join the dance, thanks to an immersive set up.

This story, resolutely modern, invits the audience to take a step forward into a new way of seeing the movement of the human body, gradually they become part of it and participate in a collective dance experience.

The experience immersive is proposed in a dome with a capacity for a group of 20 to 30 spectators.

FormatImmersive Installation
GenreImmersive dance performance
Duration20 min
LanguageFrançais, Anglais
ProductionTchikiboum, Small Creative
Résidence accompagnée l'Entre-pont / Nice (France), 2021 award logo
BEST PITCH AWARDS / NewImages Festival XR Financing Market Paris (France), 2021 award logo
Résidence Fondation Martell / Cognac (France), 2022 award logo


With Joséphine Terme, Jonathan Genet, Marie-Pierre Génovèse, Axel Beaumont, Gloria Aras Gassent, Serge Lazar, Blandine Laignel, Vincent Kessler, Virgile Pinon…

With the friendly participation of Jean Guizerix

With the participation of the dancers of the Academie Internationale de Danse de Paris

Julie Desmet Weaver and Eugénie Andrin

Julie Desmet Weaver

Eugénie Andrin

Sound & Music design
CYCHOTOMY (Cyrille Marchesseau), d’après la Danse Macabre de Camille Saint-Saëns

Artistic direction
Claire Allante

Sarah Arnaud

Voyelle Acker, Vincent Guttmann

Based on the novel
"Entrez dans la danse" by Jean Teulé - Editions Laffont / Julliard


With the financial support of
CNC (Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animée) - Fonds Expériences Numériques, Région Sud, L’Entrepont - Résidence accompagnée 2021, Fondation Martell, Forum des images, Hubblo, Palais Chaillot, Compagnie Underground Sugar, Théâtre National de Sénart, de l’AID and the city of Lieusaint

Thanks to
Olivier Fontenay, Lila Gleizes, Virginie Mathias, Florian Cabanne, 
Pascal Pelletier, Catherine Ruf, Aurélia Hulst, Mélanie Chataignier
Corinne Beal, Karine Lagrange, Michèle Ziegler, Fanny Cohen, Jessica Dupuis, Emmanuelle de Varax, Mary-Laure Philippon, Etienne Ducamain, Julien Bercy